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- Grant from the EDI Strategic Research Grant London in 2021 to encourage Design History Research in geographies

  beyond the west and post-colonial perspectives

- Green Good Design Award in 2009 for More Eco Less Ego residential corner building in Milan Italy

- International Prize for best thesis “Sustainable Architecture” Fassa Bortolo 4th Edition in 2007



- Fairground of Lebanon in Tripoli and the War. Meanings and Challenges for the Future in “Built Heritage Sustainable

  Reuse. Approaches, Methodologies and Practices”, Vol. 26, Springer, 2023, p. 91-106

- A modern neighborhood for prosperity. The case of the International and Permanent Fair of Lebanon in Tripoli by Oscar

  Niemeyer, in “Villages et quartiers à risque d’abandon. Stratégies pour la connaissance, la valorisation et la

  restauration”, Tome I, Firenze University Press, 2022, p. 389-397

- Local Modernism in danger until this day. The case of the Lebanese Pavilion in the International Permanent Fair of

  Lebanon in Tripoli by Oscar Niemeyer, in “Inheritable Resilience: Sharing Values of Global Modernities”, volume 3

  Global / Local Modernities, docomomo international, 2021, p. 924-929

- LinkedIn, Expo Milan 2015

- DECO Magazine, Juin/Septembre 2009, Milan n'est pas Disneyland

- IoArchitetto, July 2008, La risposta Europea al richiamo della sostenibilita'

- Architecture Plus, March 2008, Niemeyer Forgotten

- IoArchitetto, November 2007, Niemeyer dimenticato



- DDN Cucine, The Kitchen Edition, April 2014, Sistema_bulthaup Beirut

- Curve Magazine, Kitchens & Bathrooms supplement, April 2014, When Architecture meets Luxury

- Kitchens & Bathrooms Magazine, Winter Issue 2014, Sistema bulthaup Lebanon New Showroom

- L’Hebdo magazine, March 26th 2010, soutenir et exhorter l’architecture durable by Elga Trad

- Deco Magazine, 02/2010, le green good design award 2009 recompense Joe Zaatar by Claudine Abdelmassih

- Masculin magazine, November 2009, More Eco Less Ego – plans d’écologie pour moins d’égocentrisme par Alexandre

  Armand Paraskevas

- Skira book review, ed.2008,  Architettura Sostenibile – una scelta responsabile per uno sviluppo equilibrato by Gianluca 


- Deco Magazine, Mars 2008, archi ecolo a Dubai c’est possible! by Aline Asmar D’amman

- Casabella magazine, nr.758, premio internazionale Architettura Sostenibile Fassa Bortolo

- Architetti Lombardi AL magazine, dicembre 2007, premio Fassa Bortolo

- OFARCH magazine, nr.98, premio internazionale Architettura Sostenibile Fassa Bortolo

- Ottagono magazine, September 2007, premio architettura Fassa Bortolo

- Io Architetto newspaper, nr. September 2007, l’antico comfort delle torri del vento (under 40) by Alice Gramigna

- L’Orient-le Jour newspaper, September 18th 2007, Joe Zaatar lauréat de la faculté italienne de Ferrare by Maria


- Alef magazine, autumn 2007 – issue 4, a new environmental design

- Costruire magazine, 08.2007, architettura sostenibile

- Materia magazine, 08.2007, quarta edizione del premio internazionale architettura sostenibile

- 2A Architecture & Art magazine, winter 2007, architecture & tourism








Lectures and Conferences

- ReUSO 2022 Porto, Portugal: Documentation, Restoration and Reuse of Heritage. Topic: impact of wars on cultural and

  built Heritage. Paper presentation entitled The Fairground of Lebanon in Tripoli between pre-war and post-war period.

  Events, Meanings and Future, Co-authored with Francesca Albani, 2-4/11/2022

- DOCOMOMO2020+1: Paper presentation entitled Modernist heritage in danger today. The case of the International

  and Permanent Fair in Tripoli Lebanon by Oscar Niemeyer, 30/08/2021

- RIPAM8.5 Intermediate Conference Firenze 2020: Paper presentation entitled A modern neighborhood for prosperity.

  The case of the International and Permanent Fair of Lebanon in Tripoli by Oscar Niemeyer, 26/11/2020

- Lecture on Balance between old and new Italian architecture at Notre Dame University, 01/03/2017

​- Lecture on Sustainable architecture in Milan and Dubai, different context at the Lebanese American University,

  Beirut Campus, 22/04/2016

- Conversazioni di Architettura al Chiostro di Sant’Angostino Bergamo Alta by Edoardo Milesi & Archos, 19/07/2007


Workshops and Teaching


- Politecnico di Milano, co-supervising Master thesis entitled: rethinking the Egg. A new project for an iconic modernist

  architecture in Beirut. Supervisor Marco Introini, 21 December 2022

- Politecnico di Milano, 1st year Master School, Design Studio course and undergraduate Design Studio 3

- Archos summer school 2021, intensive workshop on Designing an infrastructural network of culture for graduate

  students, OCRA Montalcino

- Notre Dame University, Senior 2, Senior 1, Design 5, Design 3, Design 2, Design 1, History 3, History 4, Technical

  drawing 2, Detailing 2 courses & planner of study trip to Italy from 2015 to 2019

- Politecnico di Milano, Office and Laboratory building, design project, 2010/2011, 5th year students

- Politecnico di Milano, Technology and Scientific park – research and project on a building façade, 2008/2009, 5th year


- Politecnico di Milano, Flessibilita di un edificio ad uso terziario – ricerca e progetto, 2008/2009, 2nd year students


Jury Member

​- Jury member for the course Design Studio 8 at LAU Byblos taught by Marwan Basmaji, Spring 2019

- Member of the organizing committee for citystreet3 international conference in 2018 at NDU

- Jury member for the Planning & Design workshop URP 661 at AUB taught by Serge Yazigi, Fall 2017

- Jury member for the course Design Studio 8 at LAU Byblos taught by Marwan Basmaji, Spring 2016

- Jury member for the course Design Studio 6 at LAU Byblos taught by Gilbert Slaiby, Spring 2015

- Jury member: the 1st eco-quartier competition by Build It Green Lebanon in partnership with LGBC, March 2014

- Jury member: Majal association (urban academic observatory), 1st sustainable architecture competition for students in  

  Lebanon, February 2010

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