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International Competition Knowledge and Innovation Center 


The International Fairground of Oscar Niemeyer in Tripoli brushes against Al-Mina, a coastal moderate Mediterranean neighborhood. It overlooks, to the East, the old town, which today is a self-contained and closed community, and surveys the cedars mountain of North Lebanon.

The concept design replicates the actual Tripolitan urban scene, represented with masses between continuities and fragments. In the given compartment, my proposal for the rentable offices, data center, workspaces and housing, carefully placed behind the existing modern heritage, are oriented toward the appealing cut on the grand canopy’s roof.

The intervention enhances, through attention and conservation, the sexagenarian ruined modern heritage of Niemeyer to host the rest of the required functions. It also answers the need of the client to have new housing and working spaces featuring flexibility, space efficiency and an optimal calibration of light and energy (building's double skin). Finally, it connects the project on all sides with green areas that swirl between the architecture, to encourage social gatherings all year long.



Renovation of a commercial and office building


In a commercial suburban area, the project is strategically located in front of the main highway connecting north Lebanon to its capital. Client’s request consisted in updating this historical headquarter into a recognizable project. As it stands today, the existing complex of three buildings has different shapes, heights, functions and materials, the perception of disunity is clear. The new intervention answers the precondition and gives back a strong corporate identity to the company through a new order in the massing and some changes in the distribution of functions. The old corner building extends from one side over the footprint of the lower building. While on the opposite side, it projects to the taller building through a diagonal arm. The resultant balanced volume overlaid by a double skin façade then roof, is consolidating the innovative shape. The curtain wall unites back the main front and emphasizes the new dynamic part. This transformation from static and irrelevant building into a new architectural landmark brings a stimulating commercial experience to the neighborhood.



Community healthcare house


After the covid19 pandemic tragedy that hit, mainly northern Italy, the Italian Ministry of Health aimed to strengthen and develop territorial public health assistance. Among the various tools introduced by the Ministry, we find the 1350 Public Community Houses (casa di comunità CdC) to be activated by mid-2026. Made to serve a territory that lacks healthcare services and ease the pressure on the hospitals. These projects would host patients that do not require special medical equipment or treatment. This Hub Community House would become a reference structure for over 50,000 inhabitants following the Do No Significant Harm principle (DNSH). It has a rational distribution and could be implemented for a few complimentary services.



Energy Park
Nokia (former Alcatel-Lucent) Headquarter


New construction_ Office / Laboratory


Location: Vimercate (MB), Italy


Client: SEGRO Italy


Building Size: 32.000 sqm


Completed in November 2014



Corsica 7

Residential refurbishment


Residential refurbishment

Location: Milan, Italy

Client: Generali Gestione Immobiliare

Size: 5.000 sqm

Completed in December 2011



Gucci franchisee store


Site survey, Local Design Regulations, Executive drawings verification, Coordination meetings, Site supervision through precision and autonomy, Quality check, Snag lists and Reports.

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Size: 330 sqm

Completed in December 2021



Sistema bulthaup Lebanon new showroom


The showroom was refurbished 17 years ago and now the owners needed a new vibrant image to create an efficient workplace and a new environment for the bulthaup kitchens exhibition and sales.

The architectural approach embodied bulthaup’s high end design and advanced technology with its association to kitchen architecture in the living space.

The project is distributed on two levels, the showroom at the ground floor able to display an interesting variety of premium kitchens and the offices at the first floor divided in cellular directional rooms, an open space and a service area.

This pure and elegant renovated space has a simple and unmistakable character based on the company’s value. b1, b2 and b3 kitchen systems can be displayed in a variety of perspectives, either wall hanged, free standing or foot standing. Main changes along with tailor-made details where done on the surfaces to give a new identity to this consolidated place: a minimalist architectural approach through craftsmanship. A new showroom for bulthaup Lebanon where architecture meets luxury and where products are personal, timeless and of the highest quality.

Renovation of a private residence


In a residential area near Beirut, this existing apartment has

a rare view overlooking a tiny forest that will hopefully resist against the uncontrollable expansion of the construction industry. The renovation of this 5 Stars living was performed according modern elegance, functional simplicity and refined taste. The Living area which used to be divided into 3 environments has been freed and appears as one unique space of various complementary areas: dining, entertainment, conversation and reading. The all over effect is devoted to essentiality with the exception of a few elements that stand out with a strong personality such as the antique piano quart de queue, the refined dining table with its chairs and the comfortable modern sofas. The total white tinted wall and ceiling, with the invasion of natural light coming through the new openings, brighten the whole area all day long. The kitchen brings limitless design freedom to the living space. The private areas such as the bedrooms are designed bearing in mind relax and privacy around a different colored wall. The main bathrooms are both a small scale interpretation of a SPA. Such a result based on clear intelligent concepts that are implemented with technical brilliance, fulfill high aesthetic standards and radiate sensual appeal.



A hotel between the desert & the city in the United Arab Emirates


The hotel stands out for the use of the techniques of sustainable architecture applied to the context of the United Arab Emirates with an innovative compositional solution. The choice of working on a flat slab and an elevated rock (inspired by the exquisite old city centre of Bastakiya) allows overcoming the problems of architectural mitigation related to a construction integrated in a place that is highly characterized by the presence of the dry desert.

This integration is reached by using the different possibilities offered by bioarchitecture technologies that have been applied from the very beginning as a constituent part and not added afterwards to an already conceived form: the hotel covering is finished with a photovoltaic panel system. During the day the panels work for producing solar energy, whereas they are rotated and raised at nights to provide a natural refreshing ventilation into the courts. Last but not least the project tackles and solves questions related to the respect and protection of the pre-existing environmental conditions.

First Prize Award of the International Competition "Sustainable Architecture" Fassa Bortolo - The culture of architectural innovation, Edition 2007

A different iconic bridge


The bridge is a deck through twin arch for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians, crossing a highway.

The iconic bridge was designed to become a focal point that can attract everybody thanks to its distinctive and unique beauty based on a clear understanding and interpretation of funicular structures. The design surges from a physical world where two twin arch with a variable section, ones that are parallel and bound to each other by a series of rafters, find a position diagonal to the deck.

The deck is supported by steel cables fixed on the upper part of the arches to spread the weight at the extremities of the structure where the foundations are located.

The bridge has an efficient design that satisfies both aesthetic and scientific analysis, which makes of it a simple and spectacular infrastructure to be admired both in day and night.

Spanning almost 40 meters long and with a width of 4 meters between parapets it has a wooden and anti-slip epoxy resin flooring, both easy to maintain.


The bridge design is registered under the UK Intellectual Property Office

Residential corner building in Milan
More Eco Less Ego


The project is located in the most modern Italian city, Milan. The building is designed against the displacement of longtime residents following 4 Dimensions:

D1_The existing public transport as a necessary infrastructure on which the project is standing. The building is located at the junction of two main roads and by coincidence with the entrance to the subway line.

D2_The sphere of socialization, of cultural exchange, of communication, and of pastime as an indissoluble element of the urban housing sector nowadays.

D3_Living in adequate affordable housing for Low and Middle income residents. Comfortable spaces and customized one to the user’s measure.

D4_The place of reconciliation with the so-called natural environment: the sustainable sphere. The garden at the top of the building is also an occasion to represent sustainable construction principles and to allocate alternative systems aimed at the production of renewable energy.

Winner of the Green Good Design Award 2009 (Chicago)

Edison Business Center

New business center development


New business center development

Location: Sesto San Giovanni (MI), Italy

Client: Nexity Italia

Size: 30.000 sqm

Completed in March 2009



Pel Plastic


Industrial building refurbishment and expansion

Location: Vimercate (MB), Italy

Client: Pel Plastic

Size: 3.000 sqm

Completed in September 2014



Aspria Harbour Club
Conference & Sport Resort


Proposal for a new accommodation and conference centre

Location: Milan, Italy

Client: Aspria Harbour Club Milano

Size: 5.000 sqm

2013 - Project on hold



Hogan Lovells Lawyers Headquarters


Office refurbishment and fit out

Location: Milan, Italy

Client: Hogan Lovells

Size: 2.500 sqm

Completed in October 2007



A memorial for a Lebanese martyr


Looking at the ground everything seems flat and empty. But if we get closer we perceive that it contains a strange element, a monolith. It’s the sacred path in remembrance of someone, the martyr. He left us this uncommon massive stair shape to show us the way that leads to liberty.


The stair steps that usually have a certain specific dimension are on the contrary in this case over proportioned. We have the impression that only giants can take it since they are too high to reach, a hard mission for common mortals. To emphasize their infinite number, the first ones are much bigger than the subsequent ones, giving us the impression to be a stairway that leads far away.


The sequence of steps are divided in two parts, the east (or dawn side) and the west (or sunset side). The first one represents the life of the martyr every day between us, while the second one symbolises his spirit that remains beside us. Both sides like both lives look at the dawn and the sunset, to reach the population at anytime with this heroic message.



EXTRA SMALL stand for digital cameras and accessories. Designed as a point of sales corner in a commercial centre, the concept here is focused on one basic unit inspired by the shape of a star that’s replicating itself, and always maintaining the same dimensions, but changing position from front to side.


SMALL Stand in a retail shop for a famous digital cameras company. Designed for the launch of a new product, this stand is inspired by the shape of a strip, a highly technological ribbon that envelops the protagonist on display: the new model of digital cam.


LARGE Stand for laptops, cell phones and accessories. Designed as a point of sales of a big amount of products within a retail centre. The concept of this stand is focused on two types of stand: the one for laptops and the other one for cell phones. The first one has a basic unit that changes height from one display to another depending on the functional need, creating a waving and harmonious movement in the design. The second one represents a series of islands on which cell phones are magnetically attached.

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